Consilium Design is Growing and Expanding

Oct 20, 2022

Here at Consilium Design are we constantly growing, and today we are excited to announce that our team is expanding with us.

Julie Hendricksen Has Been Promoted to Managing Director

For four years, Julie has been a critical contributor to the design and philosophy of Consilium Design, and today we’re proud to have her step into her first executive role as Managing Director.

Julie was one of the first landscape architects in Colorado to gain her Green Roof Professional certification and values her involvement with Green Roofs for Healthy Cities. She is involved in food equity and supporting pollinator habitats. An avid beekeeper, reader, and hiker. Her expertise in this important role will be invaluable to our firm.

W. Richard Martin III Has Been Promoted to Associate Project Manager

Despite joining our team recently, Richard has quickly demonstrated a unique eye for design, a collaborative spirit, and a knack for creating memorable spaces. For these reasons – and many more – we are promoting him to Associate Project Manager.

His outdoorsman personality draws him to rivers, forests, mountains, and open roads for exploring, connecting, and recharging.

In addition to our two internal promotions, we are proud to introduce you to two new members of the Consilium Design family.

Shahla Bowen, Associate Project Manager

Shahla Bowen has ten years of landscape design experience including design-build, high-end residential, and large-scale planning in multi-disciplinary firms. She is originally from the Pacific Northwest and has worked in Washington, Oregon, and Arizona and recently moved to Colorado in 2022. Shahla believes that designed spaces can be artistic, thoughtful, practical, and ecologically healthy for the environment, and strives to incorporate all those elements in her work. Her love for adventure, art, and the outdoors drew her to Colorado and she is excited to call Denver her new home.

Hannah Taylor, Intern

Hannah is a current student of architecture and learning firsthand the world of landscape architecture through the experienced staff of Consilium Design. In her downtime, she enjoys going for walks with her family, sitting around the fire pit, cooking, and embroidery. She is grateful to use her proficiency in AutoCAD to provide assistance to the team at Consilium design so they can continue to do great work.

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