Who We Are



Our Practice

We are a firm of uncommonly respectful designers.  What that means to you when we take on your land planning, landscape architecture and urban design is:

Designs get approved faster and achieve your density goals for maximum utilization of the land.

Designs age well so you build your reputation and open up future possibilities.

Designs help you sell with greater velocity so you reach your absorption goals, faster.

Our designs help you mitigate your risks:

  • Acquisition Risks
  • Entitlement Risks
  • Financial Risks
  • Construction Risks
  • Market Risks
  • Operating Risks

You get the most value for your land planning and design dollar.  We spend your money as if it were our own; we respect it.


It’s one thing to say your way of doing things is better than others. It’s quite another when highly respected 3rd party sources say it for you.

  • Consilium Design and the Stanley team win The 2018 USGBC Local Leader Award for Outdoor Environments – Stanley Marketplace, Aurora, Colorado
  • Consilium Design and the Stanley team win The 2018 Pacific Coast Builder’s Gold Nugget Award of Merit, Best Rehabilitation Project – Stanley Marketplace, Aurora, Colorado
  • Consilium Design wins The 2017 Best in American Living Award (BALA) – Gold Award for Leyden Rock in Arvada, Colorado
  • Consilium Design wins HBA of Denver 2016 MAME Community of the Year for Leyden Rock in Arvada, Colorado
  • Consilium Design wins Best International Community Design Award for Sun Kingdom in Chongqing, China
  • Consilium Design wins The 2014 Best in American Home Living (BALA) Gold award for International Community Design presented by The National Association of Home Builders at the annual International Builders Show in Las Vegas, Nevada for Hillside within the Sun Kingdom master-planned community in Chongqing, China


Making Great Places HAPPEN. What’s a great place? A great place is more than a predetermined pattern of streets and trails or the skin of buildings. It emanates from the patterns of life and how the places we create influence the experiences and memories of the people that live in them. A great place is a place that works to take care of all concerns with stakeholders involved with a project. A great place is a win/win situation for the:

  • Developer and his/her investor partners
  • City, Council, Municipality
  • All the service providers who work on the project
  • Land, environment, future generations
  • People who live there

We are driven to successfully take care of all concerns, with every stakeholder. Which is why we make great places HAPPEN.


What’s important to us:


We practice superior respectfulness.  It is a source of our competitive advantage.  We will organize our thoughts and actions around our clients concerns and the concerns of the various stakeholders in the projects we work on including ourselves and our team members.  This respect manifests itself in a simplicity in our relationships, in our responsiveness to our clients and in the value we create in our designs.


We will display humbleness in our actions.  Humility is often represented as a weakness or a reflection of a person’s low self-esteem when it is, in fact, an enormous source of power we need to cultivate to be successful.  Humility opens us to work better with our clients and the various other stakeholders in the projects we work on.  Humility is difficult to observe and assess because it is the absence of or freedom from ARROGANCE and PRIDE.  It’s the absence of Disrespect.


We encourage a love for and the practices of lifelong learning.  We will display the discipline and duty to be life long learners.  Our focus is to always be in the practices of accumulating knowledge so that we can maintain our competitive advantages in the marketplace.


We value creativity, passion, enthusiasm, and the courage to explore new ideas and to accept the ideas of others.  Our spirit of cooperation and coordination, of curiosity and of respect is a great source of power in maintaining our competitive advantage.


We welcome the opportunity to be held accountable for our past actions, to be responsible in the present and to be dependable and reliable in the future.