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Total Hydrology Planning-Using Water to Drive Community Design

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Total hydrology planning is a methodology that we have developed to identify and utilize all water resources on a project site. This customized, holistic, insightful approach maps all water as a basis for site design. This process maximizes and manipulates all on and off-site water flow for beneficial use. The final objective is to utilize water in a more productive way than pre-construction conditions.

We apply appropriate technologies, analysis, management, and design strategies to bring a site’s water supply and demand as close to balance as possible. When the relationship between climatic conditions and site specific dynamics are well understood, projects can be designed with resiliency to storm events.


Think like a watershed; sources, storage, output. Soils are one of the most optimal places to store water.

Flow Slope analysis
Absorption Soils, moisture storage capacity

Architectural systems

Utilize water resources from architectural systems and hardscape runoff.

Mechanical systems Condensate graywater
Roof & parking surface are Stormwater as irrigation


Engage stakeholders in contextual assessment and shared vision.

Water considerations Domestic potable water provider, quality, available tap/volume
Available water sources Effluent, gray water, well, municipal, etc.
Government programs Conservation/rebate programs, HOA restrictions, etc.

Planning and Design

Consider site specfic conditions and facility management best practices.

Productive landscape Microclimate, habitat enhancemen t, aesthetic considerations, food production gardening
Net zero water target Water budgeting; utilize irrigation for landscape establishment only
Appropriate technology High efficienty irrigation system, rainwater harvestiving, mulching, soil moisture management

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