Amberley Heights at Vallagio

  • Outdoor Gathering — Multiple intimate informal gathering spaces within the larger clubhouse and event space setting
  • Water Quality — A variety of stormwater basins have been designated throughout the site in order to improve water quality within the surrounding urban context

Amberley Heights at Vallagio is a 96-unit luxury condo community within the Vallagio transit-oriented community in Denver’s southeast metro area.  At the west end of the site two four-story mid-rise condominium structures create street presence, with an additional drop off zone placed between each building’s entry lobby.  The building layout shapes a variety of unique outdoor spaces with a primary amenity area framed by the condominium buildings and townhomes to the east. The amenity area is organized around a community clubhouse and informal event lawn while the central amenity area is surrounded by a variety of smaller, more intimate landscape spaces where residents can gather and interact.  Shade structures are placed to form “gateway” entries into the central amenity area. Plantings and open trellis’ further define the edges of the space, with a fireplace and patio placed as a central outdoor gathering area for residents and guests.

Client Metropolitian Homes Inc.
Services Landscape Architecture
Location Arapahoe County, Colorado