Promenade Park at Ridgegate | Lone Tree, Colorado



Coventry Development

Services Provided:

Landscape Architecture (Under Construction until Spring 2017)

Uncommon respect for:

  • Topography — The installation of meandering retaining walls created topography transitions throughout the site
  • Accessibility — Our pedestrian trail design provides a large neighborhood gathering space, with ADA connections to the Willow Creek trail system

As environmental factors were a major challenge for this park, with Willow Creek cutting directly through the site accompanied by extreme slopes and grade changes, the Consilium Design team designated meandering retaining walls hugging the usable park space to preserve the floodplain around Willow Creek and create functional surfaces.

Keeping in mind the close proximity to single family residential developments, Consilium planned gathering spaces for the surrounding community which included implementing a large plaza, shade structures, unique seating, turf areas for active play and a play area for children.

Promenade Park is a 4.4-acre parcel within the RidgeGate Development in Lone Tree, Colorado. The site is ADA accessible despite steep grade changes and connects to the Willow Creek pedestrian trail system weaving throughout RidgeGate.