Leyden Rock | Arvada, Colorado




Services Provided:

Land Planning & Landscape Architecture

Uncommon respect for:

  • Density — Low impact neighborhood design reduces the overall development footprint and increases open space preservation.  The result achieves more than twice the density of traditional, low density residential development while preserving three times as much open space
  • Community — Open space locations benefit community residents, adjoining developments and public spaces
  • Ecology — Open space is consolidated into larger areas to preserve native plants and wildlife habitat while simplifying maintenance
  • History — The rustic appeal and view corridor along Leyden Road is maintained by preserving the native landscape
  • Culture — Neighborhood parks embedded within neighborhoods create focal points and centers for activity


“Consilium Design had the respect, passion, vision, and expertise to turn our idea for a sustainable development into a stunning reality.  With Consilium Design’s help, Leyden Rock is a nationally-award winning community and one of the fastest-selling developments in the United States.”

Chris Elliott – RRCEA, LLC