Boulevard One, Lowry | Denver, Colorado



Metropolitan Homes

Services Provided:

Landscape Architecture

Uncommon Respect for:

  • Water Conservation — The landscape palette consists of species that are predominantly low to very low water demand species. Traditional irrigated turf areas are limited to the “great lawns” outside of the rear building entries and smaller garden passive/active use spaces. Irrigated turf grasses represent less than 43% of the total landscape area.
  • Plant selection — Drought tolerant grasses are used as an alternative to bluegrass, with plantings grouped by water demand and micro climate needs. The planting detail is designed to accumulate precipitation as well as irrigation water optimizing soil absorption of water.
  • Multi-modal Transportation — Pedestrian connectivity is enhanced with a walk system that links open space and streetscape corridors to the intersection of Lowry Boulevard and Monaco with street crossings to Crestmoor Park. Bicycle racks have been located at main building entries, with indoor bicycle storage located at the end of each interior parking stall.