Our Philosophy


We Practice Uncommon Respect

At Consilium Design we believe compelling, sustainable design solutions must be contextual, adaptable, and temporal in nature. Our designs are meant to be lived in, not simply looked at. The ideal of place is more than a predetermined pattern of streets and trails or the skin of buildings. It emanates from the patterns of life and how the places we create influence the experiences and memories of people who live in them.

Our mission is to make great places happen. To do that, we practice uncommonly respectful design. We demonstrate uncommon respect for:


We offer the simplest, most uncomplicated, relationships with our principals in the industry so that you can get your concerns taken care of quickly & expertly…with minimum cost – time, energy, money and lost opportunity.

We have a reputation for working well with all stakeholders of your team.

We listen well. We will speak our mind, but we don’t have an enlarged ego.


We move with an almost unheard of urgency…we move faster than the speed of business, we move at the speed of developers. “Why not do it now?” is our mantra.

We are detailed, accurate and timely with the information we share with members of the project team so that they have the time and information to excel.

We know that time is money.


Our Design Philosophy is Doing Simple Well…what that means to you is:

  • Your plans get approved faster and achieve your goals for maximum utilization of the land.
  • Your plans age well so you build your reputation and open up future possibilities.
  • Your plans will sell with greater velocity so you reach your absorption goals, faster.

When we work for you we create plans that help you mitigate your risks:

  • Acquisition risks
  • Entitlement risks
  • Site risks
  • Financial risks
  • Construction risks
  • Market risks (selling, leasing)
  • Operating risks

We provide the most value for your land planning and design dollar. We spend your money as if it were our own — we respect it.

For more detailed examination of our design philosophy, please read Doing Simple Well.

Common Respect Is Not Enough.

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